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"Our tribute to the Mother Road"

We are proud riding the "Main Street of America" every year once or twice! These journeys always have been lots fun and riding experience for all our members. Heat or cold, wind or rain brings happy - and sometimes exhausted - smiles on our faces.

It is very exiting to see the changes on the road through the years we are riding: dying businesses coming alive, old stores are being restored, rusted cars running again. Only faces of residents do not change much, they see hope, future and prosperity on the asphalt that once was a life stream of many wonderers from East to West or the way around.

As soon as we finish a trip we start working on the new one: is it possible to see more next year? Is it possible to meet new people, do rides on different roads? Oh, yes, yes, yes.

We never take the same route twice, but alter it from year to year. Why not? There is plenty to explore, and this is the only way to take as many memories as possible with us home - enough memories that last for a year - till we can ride again. As riding is one of the greatest things on Earth, at least for us... 

Here are some little picture albums around the sights and attractions we see en route from Chicago to LA... Enjoy!






New Mexico



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